Service Portfolio

Where Strategy Meets Technology

B2B events, trade show and conferences are highly driven by technological advances today. Pretty much everything can be measured in our digital times: What are the results of event participations for visitors, sponsors and exhibitors? What is the ROI?

Yet, we are human beings, and interaction face-to-face cannot be replaced by machines. Thank goodness!

Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting offers advisory services in the fields of

  • Content marketing, content production, blogging and PR/online relations
  • Digital marketing (web, email, social media, apps)
  • Sales training and coaching for exhibition and sponsoring sales
  • Meeting and interaction design 
  • Event technology
  • Interim management

Find out more in this presentation (German version below), including current projects, current clients and what they have to say.

Want to know more? I’m happy to get in touch, just drop me a note at michael.heipel(at), Tel. +49-69/2002 3580!


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