How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

What does your website have to do with your event success? Let me tell you about a little incident I recently had.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a trade show event as a visitor. Since I planned to travel by train, I wanted to check opening times and directions before booking my ticket. So the first thing I did was Google the trade show because yes, I am the kind of person that would Google the grocery store next door to check if it’s still open.

While a part of me went “Cool, back to the 90s!,” another part of me was shocked and could not believe their eyes when I realized the trade show did not have an event website.

In the end, I found out about opening times etc. through the website of the exhibition venue, but what about all the potential visitors the show (almost certainly) lost by simply not having a good website in place?

4 Steps To A Great Event Website

Your event website is likely the first touch point that your potential attendees have with your event. Give them the right reasons to attend, provide useful information and create a place they will return to anytime (not just before the event).

Here is some simple, but crucial advice on the steps you should take when creating a website for your event.

Facilitate networking. Networking opportunities are listed among the main reasons for people to attend events. Many conference participants want to know if they can meet the right people at the event before they register. Furthermore, the speakers at your event may raise additional interest and attract attendees. Name dropping of renowned speakers on your event website can be extremely helpful to boost the number of attendees.

You can help event attendees if you are transparent about the type of people they can meet at your event, so consider providing attendee lists beforehand. If you cannot give away the data, you should at least offer a rough idea of the type of people they will be able to meet (executive level, operational staff, etc.).

During the event you can work with predictive matchmaking apps that are capable of suggesting interesting attendees, additional speakers, sessions and similar exhibitors to your event attendees, based on their app behavior and interests.

Create killer content. Provide a session agenda and information about the educational program. Event participants want to learn new things, stay in touch with their industry or even solve concrete issues by attending an event. Make sure you give them an idea about the educational program on your website so they know about the time slots and tracks.

Your event takes place on one, two, three or even more days during the year. But you want people to remember it, right? You want them to be engaged before the event and have them talk about it afterwards. By giving event participants access to presentations and handouts, you add additional educational value to your event. Social media usage allows you to cover relevant topics throughout the year and keep attendees engaged at any time.

Make attending easy. Why is your exhibition, congress or conference a must-attend event? Convince your potential attendees by providing good reasons why they cannot miss your event. They may need formalized templates or letters with reasons why they should attend the event in order to justify the investment for their company.

Be transparent about pricing and clearly communicate registration fees. Inform your potential attendees about beneficial rates, volume pricing and group discounts.

Provide details about lodging and directions, and make sure attendees immediately know where the event takes place and how they can access it.

Use the right design. There are tons of devices out there so take all screen formats into consideration. People may access your website from their phone, from their tablet or from their desktop pc. Your website should look beautiful and work well on all these devices, so responsive design is a must. It is also an important criteria for Google whose current search algorithm rewards web sites that are responsive.

Not sure which design approach to take? Here are some proven best practices for responsive design considerations from the web design experts at Ungerboeck Digital.

Boost Your Event Success With These 4 Steps To A Great Website

A good event website will help your event succeed. Make sure you cover these 4 steps:

  • Tell your potential attendees who they will be able to meet at your event
  • Inform potential attendees about the educational program and even think beyond the event: Provide content that is valuable to your audience and make sure it is available at any time
  • Ensure that practical information on travel, lodging, opening times, etc. is easily and quickly accessible
  • Create a fast loading, easy-to-use, responsive and well-structured website


This blog post was exclusively written for Michael Heipel by Lisa Placa, Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Ungerboeck Software International. For any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Lisa directly or take a look at the services of Ungerboeck Digital.

3 thoughts on “How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

  1. I agree in 2016, websites are the real first impression. There aren’t any events that I don’t google before committing to going. Websites don’t have to be complex, but should look current, clean, and organized. Potential guests should not have to spend more than five to ten seconds finding the information they need. In my opinion this goes beyond to Facebook events as well. A good description of the event that aligns with the ambiance of the event is crucial.


  2. Couldn’t agree more! It’s important to have a website that promotes your brand as well as the event itself. It is a shame to put it in all that hard work planning an event to then send attendees to a half hearted website!


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