Content Marketing: Follow me to Agritechnica

Agritechnica – Content Marketing at Its Best!

We’re talking a lot about content marketing these days and how it can help to create a buzz around your events – even a long time before the show really starts, when you usually do not get much attention share.

Agritechnica in Hannover is the biggest trade show in the world when it comes to space occupied under one roof. But it is not just a show around agricultural technology, it is a mecca for everyone with a passion for agriculture on a worldwide level.

Hence, the Agritechnica team is active on a number of social channels and follows a pretty interesting content strategy:

  • Follow me to Agritechnica with the hashtag #fmtagt is a Web TV series. Starting 2 months before the show, they publish short videos on YouTube where a moderator pays a visit to some key exhibitors and asks them about the innovations they’ll show at the event. Those videos are really nicely made, dynamic, funny, and they do whet your appetite to take part in the show!
  • Of course, that hashtag can also be followed on Twitter. The Agritechnica Twitter channel has more than 4000 followers. Even though Twitter is not overly popular in Germany, this shows the international scope and positioning of the show.
  • The lead medium, however, is Facebook, where the subtitled web TV episodes really gain traction. They are not only shared by the vendors that were featured, but they get quite some comments, shares and likes.
  • An event like Agritechnica has plenty of interesting photo material to display, so it is not a big surprise that Instagram also plays an important role in their content strategy.

Matthias Lech is Content Manager at DLG and responsible for the project: “The key objective of the pilot project is to provide slice-of-life stories which can then be used as talking points in blogs, on Twitter and on Facebook. We have focused on the user and have created a format that is both entertaining and informative as well as being shareable at the same time.”

We all know that it is not so easy to fill the engagement void between two trade shows, and even Agritechnica does not have the same level of attention and engagement throughout the entire communication cycle. With campaigns like this, though, a decent amount of FOMO (fear of missing out) can be created among your core audiences!

Add to this clear conversion goals (ultimately, you want to sell tickets for your event, right?) and then you have a great recipe of how content marketing can boost your trade show success.

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