Extend the life of your exhibition with content marketing

How Exhibition Organizers Can Extend The Life Of Their Events With Content Marketing

Guest blog by Lisa Placa (Ungerboeck Software International)

Social media usage has become very popular among event organizers and many of them go far beyond simple event promotion. Shooting out the right message to the right people on Twitter & Co. requires organizers to sit down and think about the content they want to communicate to their audiences. A good content marketing plan therefore is the foundation for successful and engaging events.

As an event and exhibition organizer who is fully dedicated to delivering fantastic events 24/7, you might ask yourself how to find the time and resources for these additional content marketing efforts. Well, with a few tips and tricks you will be able to succeed in the digital world. Great content is an effective tool to improve your attendees’ event experience – which completely lines up with your main task of delivering fantastic events!

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So klappt die Messevorbereitung

Messevorbereitung: Checklist für Aussteller

Die richtige Messevorbereitung ist entscheidend dafür, ob sich die Investition in eine Messebeteiligung als Aussteller lohnt oder nicht.

Für den Blog der NEOCOM, der führenden Messe für den interaktiven Handel, haben wir gemeinsam mit dem Messeteam eine Checklist zusammen gestellt, an welche Dinge ein Aussteller denken sollte, wenn sie/er sich auf die Messe vorbereitet.

Diese Punkte sind sicher nicht nur für Aussteller auf der NEOCOM interessant, daher führe ich sie in allgemeiner Form auch hier auf meinem Blog auf.

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Buyer Persona for b2b customer journey events

Buyer Personas for B2B Events: 5 Steps to Improve Your Visitor Marketing

Buyer personas can still rarely be found in marketing concepts for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and other B2B events – which is a pity, in my view, and a missed opportunity.

Buyer personas are fictional characters that represent your key customer segments. Ultimately, buyer personas are the litmus test for any content marketing activity:

  • Will the (visitor marketing) bait be attractive for the fish?

When you have well crafted buyer personas, the chances of meeting your target audiences’ expectations with your content are a lot higher. At the same time, buyer personas help you transmit a better image of your event towards business target customers like exhibitors and sponsors.

In e-commerce, creating buyer personas is a common and proven marketing strategy. Buyer personas help you identify the core needs of your target audience and address them in a better way.

Let’s take a look at five steps how to craft, document and implement buyer personas for your B2B event marketing campaigns.

Click to tweet: 5 steps how to craft, document and implement #buyerpersonas for your B2B #eventmarketing http://bit.ly/1ejVib6 #eventprofs

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Event Technology Upsides and Downsides

Discussing Up- and Downsides of Event Technology

Event technology can improve the ROI of events – but sometimes it is ahead of what event stakeholders like attendees, speakers, organizers are prepared to embrace.

I had taken a look at this issues in my post “My Love-Hate Relationship with Event Technology“, and that was reason enough for John Federico with the EventTech podcast to dig a little deeper in a recent interview.

Please find the podcast here:

How do you guys feel about event technology? Does it take your events to a new level or do you sometimes hate dealing with it?

Look forward to your comments!

Content Marketing for events, conferences and trade shows

Content Marketing for Conferences and Trade Shows

During IMEX 2015 in May, I held a session about the benefits and risks of implementing a content marketing strategy to promote conferences, exhibitions and events.

It seems like the buzzword of the hour. But will it provide you with a silver marketing bullet to invest into storytelling and content marketing?

After my session, I held a chat with Victor Neyndorff about this subject. Please find the videocast here:

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Participants at the SalesPower Masterclass involved in sales conversations

How to Boost Expo and Sponsoring Sales: Masterclass in Singapore

Last week, I had the pleasure to conduct a sales training with 14 very talented event sales managers in Singapore. The workshop was part of the Masterclass Series that Lighthouse Independent Media stages.

Events, trade shows and conferences are different animals to sell. With a wide range of stakeholders (visitors, exhibitors, the organizers, their shareholders, press, bloggers, sponsors, online- vs. offline audiences etc.) and their varying motives, standard sales trainings often fail to meet the requirements of sales staff for events.

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Event Technology

My Love-Hate Relationship with Event Technology

This article was originally featured in the MICE World Magazine Singapore, click on this link to access the original post. I am honored to stage a session at their upcoming MICE World Intel event in Singapore, 17 April 2015.

The brave new world of technology, wearables, and gadgets is fascinating, isn’t it? Do you also belong to the posse that needs to get their hands on every new gadget out in the market?

Does your mind tell you: “Bah, this new Apple Watch, I really don’t need it.” But somewhere deep inside, you’re really craving for it? Well, welcome to the club!

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