Creative marketing for events: Some hot examples

I had the pleasure to be invited as a speaker to Who stole my audience, a conference that took place in London on 24/25 April. Gallus Events staged this conference for meeting planners, aiming to provide a platform where new technologies and creative approaches for conferences, trade shows and events are discussed. Showing ways how to create atmospheres and spaces that support attendees to learn. 

Happening at the pretty cool venue The Bounce (the home of ping-pong in Holborn), William Thomson succeeded in bringing together a bunch of innovative and curious meeting planners.

My session was about creative marketing, design and promotion for events. As part of this presentation, I created an open mind map (wiki-map) where I posted links to all the examples I showed. Delegates (and everyone else on the web) had access to this map and could add more interesting examples.

I clustered the examples in different categories

  • Creative content
  • Creative message
  • Creative use of marketing channels
  • Creative design
  • Creative sponsorships

Click on the pic below (or go directly to to access the map and add stuff yourself, where ever you came across remarkable examples of how organizers showed excellence in marketing for events.


Look forward to your comments and additions!

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