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Event Experience: 35 Tipps wie Ihr bessere Messe- und Kongress-Erlebnisse schafft

Meeting Design bzw. Event Experience Design sind aktuell in aller Munde. Und tatsächlich ist es richtig: Mit der Art und Weise, wie lange Zeit Konferenzen, Messen und Events gestaltet wurden, kommt man heute nicht mehr weiter.

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Case Study: Change Congress 2015

Change Management ist eine Herausforderung, der sich viele Unternehmen stellen müssen – quer durch alle Branchen. Wandel kann wehtun, ist aber unumgänglich, um der digitalen Transformation gerecht zu werden.

Die Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, eine Tochtergesellschaft der Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, gibt die Zeitschrift „OrganisationsEntwicklung“ heraus, die sich mit genau diesen Themen beschäftigt. Unter dem Motto „Lost in Change? Wirksame Wandel-Strategien in einer dynamischen Welt“ organisierten die Handelsblatt Fachmedien nun erstmals auch den „Change Congress“.

Die sehr erfolgreiche Erstveranstaltung in Düsseldorf im November 2015 haben wir als Dienstleister für Bewegtbild und Fotografie begleitet. Was wir dort genau gemacht haben, möchte ich hier als Fallstudie vorstellen.

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brand activation

Advantages of Brand Activation and Effective Event Management

This is a guest post by Sarah Hill, professional blogger and Marketing Manager at Group7Events based in London.

Any company looking to get ahead in its respective industry knows the importance of portraying its brand in a positive way. This can be achieved in multiple ways, but one of the more promising and growingly popular approaches has been to use brand activations to enhance a brand’s visibility and positive associations among the target audience and beyond.

But what is brand activation?

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How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

What does your website have to do with your event success? Let me tell you about a little incident I recently had.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a trade show event as a visitor. Since I planned to travel by train, I wanted to check opening times and directions before booking my ticket. So the first thing I did was Google the trade show because yes, I am the kind of person that would Google the grocery store next door to check if it’s still open.

While a part of me went “Cool, back to the 90s!,” another part of me was shocked and could not believe their eyes when I realized the trade show did not have an event website.

In the end, I found out about opening times etc. through the website of the exhibition venue, but what about all the potential visitors the show (almost certainly) lost by simply not having a good website in place? Continue reading How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

Content Marketing: Follow me to Agritechnica

Agritechnica – Content Marketing at Its Best!

We’re talking a lot about content marketing these days and how it can help to create a buzz around your events – even a long time before the show really starts, when you usually do not get much attention share.

Agritechnica in Hannover is the biggest trade show in the world when it comes to space occupied under one roof. But it is not just a show around agricultural technology, it is a mecca for everyone with a passion for agriculture on a worldwide level.

Hence, the Agritechnica team is active on a number of social channels and follows a pretty interesting content strategy:

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The perfect content marketing team

The Perfect Content Marketing Team: Shrink + Journo + Geek!

What makes the perfect content marketing team? For many companies  – and event planners – content marketing ranks pretty high on the agenda. Content marketing is the new SEO, they say. But how should a team be composed to excel at content marketing? 

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Das perfekte Content Marketing Team

Das perfekte Content Marketing Team: Psycho-Journo-Data!

Wie sieht das perfekte Content Marketing Team aus? Für viele Unternehmen – und auch Event-Veranstalter – steht Content Marketing hoch auf der Agenda. Content Marketing sei das neue SEO, sagen viele. Aber wie muss ein Team beschaffen sein, um den Anforderungen, die Content Marketing mit sich bringt, gewachsen zu sein?

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