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World Newspaper Week Vienna: Delegate survey, implementing Event ROI methodology (Review part 5)

5. Delegate survey, implementing Event ROI methodology

Of course, we have been doing delegate surveys for a very long time, first on paper, since a couple of years mostly online using the Surveymonkey platform. But when I saw a presentation by Dr. Elling Hamso, Managing Partner of the Event ROI Institute, I realized that mostly, we’ve been asking the wrong questions.

In the past, we were focusing on the satisfaction level with the organization of the event, with the speakers, the sessions, the content. While that is all very important, these questions sort of miss the point. The real Return-on-Invest of any meeting lies in the change of behavior that is incited by the event participation. Only then you can say that your event has a sustained effect. Or, as Elling puts it “If the event doesn’t make participants do something they would otherwise not have done, there is no value.

This notion seemed totally clear to me, and so we endeavored to design the delegate survey to reflect this philosophy. I wrote about the concept of Event ROI and how to measure the success of event marketing in an earlier blog post, for those of you who are interested in digging deeper.

This is what the survey looked like (the PDF version):

Let me share some of the key findings with you

  • We had a response rate of ca. 24%, which is a good result taking into consideration that the conference delegates are all C-Level managers (publishers, chief editors) with little time for filling surveys like this one.
  • We got a lot of great feedback on the open-ended questions. One of the reasons for this is that we kept the questionnaire rather short.
  • By adding the open-ended question “Can we quote you? If so, please write your general comments about the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum here” we got a lot of great quotes that we can use in the marketing campaign for the next edition. Like this: “It was a wholesome experience and an internal battery recharging process. Hosted in the wonderful city of Vienna, the Congress and Editors Forum covered the entire range of issues from processing to publishing, traditional problems to future directions, interacting with some of the best minds in the Industry from around the globe. Kudos to the Organizers.” (Deepu Ravi, Managing Editor, Kerala Kaumudi, India).
  • 83% of the delegates said they will be doing things differently in the future, based on what they learned at the Congress / Editors Forum in Vienna.
  • Networking success: 80% of the delegates claimed they got to know at least 3 people that they are quite certain will be of value to them in their present position or future career. 20% stated that this number was even 10 people or more.
  • 92% of the delegates will recommend the World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum.

It was the first time we did this survey in this fashion, so I don’t yet have any direct benchmarks to compare it with. The survey for the upcoming Digital Media Asia conference in Hong Kong will be designed along the same lines, so that we will be able to benchmark internally our conferences.

Did you implement comparable techniques to evaluate your events? Which results did you get? Feel free to share your experiences here.

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World Newspaper Week Vienna: Exhibitor presentation (Review part 4)

4. Presentation of the Exhibitors

At conferences, it is always a bit of a challenge to drive traffic to a lobby exhibition. The delegates primarily attend the conference to network, get information about new trends, take part in the sessions.

So the task is to make sure to connect those delegates with the exhibitor staff – in an appropriate way. You can’t push the delegates, but you want to give the exhibitors and partners visibility and get them in touch with their target audience.

Basically, there are four aspects that we took into consideration in Vienna to make that work:

  • Pay attention to a good Expo floor layout: It seems like a no-brainer, but often times the lobby exhibition does not take off due to bad floor layout planning. It is imperative to combine networking break areas with the exhibition, and to set up a number of coffee outlets in that area. In Vienna, that worked very well. To enter the conference complex, everyone had to pass through the exhibition area. Unfortunately, I have seen quite a number of conferences where this was not taken into account properly, and no matter what sophisticated online networking tools you might have in place, they’re worth nothing if you don’t get those basics right.
  • Allow enough networking time: Minimum is half an hour coffee breaks and 1,5 hours lunch break, I believe. Especially with a larger conference, it takes some time to get the people out of the conference room, let them get their coffee, and afterwards get back into the room. Your schedule has to reflect the need of the exhibitors for face time with their potential customers. I have to say we could have done better here, because we wanted to squeeze in too much content in the sessions. Room for improvement.
  • Provide online networking tools: This time, we put a special focus on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rather than providing a closed network for all delegates and exhibitors like in the past. We encouraged all exhibitors to use the conference hashtags in their pre-show Twitter campaigns, join the Facebook page and the LinkedIn group for the World Newspaper Congress, and, thus, participate actively in the online discussions. I believe this is the right way forward. However, we have to do a better job at training the exhibitors how to best use these platforms, because not all of them are on the same level when it comes to networking skills on social platforms.
  • Think about a good visual presentation: Due to the co-location of the World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum with IFRA Expo, we decided to publish one print publication both for the Expo and the accompanying Congress lobby exhibition. Thus the Congress exhibitors got a lot of extra visibility, because the Expo visitors also got to see them. They were also included in the World Newspaper Week app. One feature was particularly appreciated: We invited the exhibitors to a video shooting on the day prior to Congress / Editors Forum opening. We had the video staff on site, anyway, and they produced a very nice clip that ran in the breaks. It was shown at the end of the inauguration ceremony, with very high attention. Click on the video below to see how we did it. The clip presented the exhibitors in a very sympathetic and personal way, much better than just showing still photographs or even only logos.

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World Newspaper Week Vienna: iPad and Smartphone App (Review Part 3)

3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app

It was quite a bit of work, and in case anyone would tell you differently – don’t believe them! Designing your (native) event app is something you will have to invest time in. You might even have to adapt your online workflows, to make sure that the content that is on your website will be included in the app in a proper way (e.g. exhibitor catalogue, event listings).

However, after some moving backwards/forwards with our app developer and some telephone conferences we could launch our iPad/iPhone app for the World Newspaper Week ca. 3 weeks prior to IFRA Expo and the World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum – and it is awesome! A couple of days later the Android app followed, plus a web app that anyone with a smartphone could access.

Check out this short video I took that shows you how to navigate through the halls, access event details, exhibitor details, join in the Twitter and Facebook discussions directly from the app.

At the end of the day, almost 2.000 people downloaded the app to their tablet or smartphone. The feedback we got both from exhibitors and visitors was very good, with ca. 95% rating the app as “good” or “excellent” in the visitor survey and 75% of the exhibitors rating good/excellent.

Some feedback that we received, to learn from for next time:

  • People were asking for routing to a specific booth
  • Alerts when certain speakers were due
  • Functionality to book appointments with exhibitors
  • Link to other participants who are using the app (networking)

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World Newspaper Week Vienna: Twitter Coverage (Review Part 2)

2. Twitter coverage

With more than 8.500 followers, Twitter has become the cornerstone of the WAN-IFRA social media strategy. Those followers are very active, as you can see in the Klout score for @newspaperworld of 54, network influence 46. Already before the event, we used Twitter to create a buzz around the World Newspaper Week. Besides delivering interesting content, the success factor was to monitor closely what was tweeted about our event, thank the tweeps that mentioned us and to respond immediately to questions.

Thus, a dialogue emanated from Twitter that was very helpful in spreading the word about the contents of the event. Our social media manager Hannah Vinter did an excellent job at animating the discussion!

The event hashtags #ifraexpo, #wnc11, #wef11, #tablet11, #pfmd11 were clearly communicated online and on site and were used by a lot of tweeps. We used Twapperkeeper to archive and analyze the tweets. The figures amounted to more than 3.600 tweets just for #wef11, sent by 685 unique tweeps – which is a lot more than just the people that were tweeting from the conference hall.

We made an effort to display the discussion on Twitter also onsite and online and engage the participants to join in. On our website, Twitter monitors were integrated. On site, we placed various monitors to display the tweets about the sessions, they were even put on the large screen.

We produced a short clip that was shown on the big screens during the breaks and before the official opening, to promote the social channels and the World Newspaper Week smartphone app.

Randy Covington, our audience facilitator collected feedback and questions from the audience on site and from Twitter. All in all, you can say that Twitter was the lead medium to direct people to the content from our blog, the presentations, videos, pictures and to the coverage by media and delegates.

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World Newspaper Week Vienna: What went well from the organizer’s perspective (Part 1)

Puh, what a week…

Six consecutive days filled with meetings, events and lots of work. My excel file listing all events during the World Newspaper Week 2011 was 12 pages long. I am very proud of the WAN-IFRA team that did an amazing job organizing the Vienna events! Worked hard, partied hard, always smiling and helping each other. Great, guys!

Ca. 8.000 visitors attended IFRA Expo, and more than 1.000 delegates from almost 100 countries took part in the 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum.

We managed to raise the profile of our organisation. The events in Vienna contributed a lot to WAN-IFRA’s mission of promoting the freedom of press and quality journalism, along with the task of sustaining and innovating the business models of news media publishers.

As always, not everything went to perfection, but quite a lot did turn out very well. There are some event marketing elements that I would like to describe on my blog, because they proved to be particularly successful.


  1. The Live Eventblog (with Youtube, Flickr and Slideshare integration)
  2. Twitter coverage
  3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app
  4. Exhibitor presentation at the World Newspaper Congress
  5. The delegate survey, implementing Event ROI methodology

It’s just too much for one blog post, that is why I’m going to split in in several entries. Let’s start with the…

1. Live Eventblog

Our team of bloggers covered the whole World Newspaper Week in a Live Eventblog. The team consisted of our own journalists and journalism students. They provided write-ups of each session, enhanced by pictures from our WAN-IFRA Flickr page, short video interviews with the speakers from our Youtube channel and the presentations that were put on our Slideshare page. Our photographer uploaded all pictures on Flickr in dedicated sets that were set up before the event. Immediately after the sessions, pics, videos and presentations were available to feed the live blog and our social media channels.

Particulary Slideshare proved to be very successful. We registered a total of more than 500.000 views (!) on our presentations. A lot of those views came directly from Slideshare, so it gave us a coverage that went way beyond what we could have reached on our website alone. During the event, a lot of our presentations were featured on the Slideshare homepage under Top Pro Content, which pushed the views even further.

To give an example: The presentation of WAN-IFRA CEO Christoph Riess about the World Press Trends 2011 got a total of 41.800 views, with 389 views coming from our live eventblog.

We added a pre-page to all the presentations before uploading, so they all carried the event design and a “Mark your calendar” field to advertise next years’ event. Immense visibility for the next editions!

Bottomline: By combining our own event blog with social media, the coverage got amplified significantly. On our website, we implemented a Social Media Newsroom that displayed all our channels in one place, plus the blog feed and press releases we issued during the week. Evidently, we also fed our Facebook, LinkedIn and XING pages with the content generated at the event.

Here you’ll find more about the important role that Twitter played in the event live coverage.

World Newspaper Week in Vienna: Media managers will discuss the future of the news media

The environment could not be more exciting: The World Newspaper Week in Vienna, 10-15 October 2011, is taking place in an era that is characterised by fundamental changes in media use, revolutionary new technologies and the search for promising business models.

This event brings together the leading events of the worldwide newspaper community in a single location: the 63rd World Newspaper Congress, the 18th World Editors Forum and IFRA Expo.

So what awaits visitors in Vienna?

We have been able to organise an absolutely top-class programme! Let’s begin with IFRA Expo: With its clear focus on cross-media, it is definitely the right choice to find out about the latest trends for print, online, mobile and tablet publishing.

Our Media Port will present innovative publishers from all over the world with their recipes for success. These will include the Sunday Times from the United Kingdom, Salzburger Nachrichten, Red Bulletin and Gazetto dello Sport from Italy.

Participation in the Media Port, including the “Women in Media” networking lunch designed especially for women working at newspaper publishing houses and supplier companies, is free for visitors attending IFRA Expo (10-12 October).