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Hybrid Events: Event Camp Europe will kick off 9 September in London

A lot of buzz has been created around virtual and hybrid events. Still, a lot of event managers are yet to experience what it really means to take part in or organize an event of that sort – and that applies particularly to the “classic” trade show and conference organizers.

There is a chance now to participate in such an online event that is aimed at the community of event organizers themselves: At the Event Camp Europe! Actually, there are 3 ways to take part on 9 September

  • On site at the Down Hall Hotel just outside London
  • Online via the livestream
  • At a remote POD, currently planned for Warsaw, Stockholm and Croydon, where event managers get together to join in the event and share their experiences.

Event Camp Europe follows the pattern of the very successful Event Camp Twin Cities concept in the USA. It’s aim is to create a learning experience and a “test lab environment” for innovative event and un-conference formats as well as the latest trends in event technology.

I would encourage every event manager who is interested in exploring new ways of creating event experiences, virtual trade shows, live and online events to take part in this. The team behind the event guarantee a high-profile implementation, since they are all pretty experienced with staging virtual and live events – here you’ll find them on Twitter: @eventsforgood, @RuudWJanssen, @IconPresentsAV and @planetplanitbiz.

It is interesting also to see how they planned this event, using a whole range of online collaboration tools like Skype calls, Google+ Hangouts, email, Twitter direct messages and an online storage site to work jointly on documents.

I’ll be joining in on the livestream – see you then!

Open space experiment at MPI conference

I am always curious as to how organizers implement ideas like the BarCamp, Open Space, Fishbowl or other interactive conference formats in the framework of “classic” conferences. Basically, I do not believe that those “un-conferences” will eventually entirely replace our traditional formats, however, I do think there is a lot of power in this notion of getting attendees involved on a higher level. Check out the movie from a recent conference in Dusseldorf/Germany where this was done.

================= Deutsche Version ======================

Ich bin immer neugierig wie Veranstalter Ideen wie BarCamps, Open Space, Fishbowl oder andere interaktive Konferenz-Formate im Rahmen von eher “klassischen” Konferenzen umsetzen. Ich glaube zwar nicht, dass diese “Un-Konferenzen” irgendwann mal unsere traditionellen Formate komplett ersetzen werden, aber das Potenzial einer besseren Integration der Teilnehmer ist sehr groß. Schaut Euch dieses Video von einer Konferenz an, die vor kurzem in Düsseldorf stattgefunden hat.