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Eventex: My Five Takeaways From Sofia

They say, when you attend an event, and you take away at least five things that you learned – or five people that you met who will potentially play a role in your personal or professional life – then it was a good event for you.

Well, according to that yardstick, Eventex in Sofia was a fabulous event!

Not only have I met lots of great people (speakers, tech providers, attendees, all of them Eventprofs). There are at least five takeaways that will definitely influence the way I go about event management, and they will also have an impact on the way I do consulting and training for event organizers .

What were the most sticky learnings from my personal perspective? Continue reading Eventex: My Five Takeaways From Sofia

8 Essentials for Your Experiential Marketing Lead Capture Strategy

This is a guest post by Daniel Maurer, B2B Marketing Manager at eshots, Inc, based in Chicago. Thanks for the helpful advice, Daniel!

headshot“If you’re an event or experiential marketer, you know that capturing sales lead data is vital to proving the ROI of your efforts and driving sales within your organization. Experiential marketing is expensive but it’s also a vital source of qualified leads in segments with high lifetime-value customers like auto, insurance and personal finance. Follow these tips to maximize your event marketing spend and to drive a higher ROI.  Continue reading 8 Essentials for Your Experiential Marketing Lead Capture Strategy