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Outstanding Event Invitations by Email

Who said email marketing would be dead soon? Replaced by social media?

Not happening! 

In the marketing mix for events, conferences and exhibitions, email marketing and e-newsletters still play a vital role. Why is that?

  1. The subscribers list is your own property. Provided you have doble-opt-ins, of course. Your newsletter subscribers are individuals that are really interested in what you are doing and in your event. And you can run personalized campaigns!
  2. In email design, you can use your own branding and you are not limited to the restrictions that Facebook, Twitter or whoever imposes on you.
  3. With an industry average open rate of between 15%-25% (which may be higher depending on the quality of our subscriber list), every email blast gets a lot more eyeballs than any social media posting. Same is true for the click-thru-rates.
  4. Email marketing is a call-to-action medium. It can generate immediate responses and leads, so it is a sales tool – very much more so than social channels. Moreover, it allows you to design automated campaigns, based on the behavior of the recipients!
  5. Email marketing perfectly supports your content marketing strategy. In fact, it is an awesome push medium to get your content messages across – while at the same time promoting registrations to your events, your sponsors and your exhibitors.

That said, let us take a look at some case studies and what makes them so remarkable, ok? Take the best practices from all of them, put them in a blender and you’ll have your top-notch email invitation! Fasten your seat belts! Continue reading Outstanding Event Invitations by Email

‘Delete This Email!’ Why Mobile Email Matters to Your Business

This is such a great post about the most important marketing tool for event marketers – email – that I simply could not resist to re-blog it here.

You’ll even find a case study on why the TED Talk newsletters are so great!

Check it out here:

‘Delete This Email!’ Why Mobile Email Matters to Your Business.

email Marketing tools

I guess most of you will agree that for B2B event marketing, one of the most important tools next to the website is
still email marketing. Of course social media is picking up speed,
but still you need to exploit your own database first in an optimum
way, while watching the data protection and privacy rules closely.

At WAN-IFRA, we are currently implementing INXMail as our new email
marketing system, a very powerful and professional tool. Check out the features here.

I have found a website that gives an overview of the leading emailing services that you can use for your campaigns. Should you consider using emailing services, take a look there for the best options. But don’t forget to check for the Unicode capabilities, because not every service can handle the Üs and Ös and everything.

Whattools are you using? What are your experiences?

Die meisten von Euch stimmen wahrscheinlich mit mir überein, dass eines der
wichtigsten Tools für B2B Eventmarketing neben der Website immer
noch das email Marketing ist. Social Media wird immer wichtiger,
aber es ist zunächst mal notwendig, dass die eigene Datenbank
optimal genutzt wird, wobei der Datenschutz strikt beachtet werden

Bei der WAN-IFRA implementieren wir gerade INXMail als neues
email Marketing System, ein sehr umfangreiches und professionelles
Werkzeug. Hier könnt Ihr die Möglichkeiten dieses Systems

Ich habe eine Website gefunden, die einen guten Überblick über emailing services bietet, die Ihr für Eure Kampagnen verwenden könnt. Schaut da mal vorbei, wenn Ihr Euch für einen Service entscheiden wollt. Denkt aber auch daran, dass die Systeme Unicode-fähig sein müssen, denn nicht alle können die Üs und Ös und so weiter korrekt darstellen.

Welche Tools verwendet Ihr? Welche Erfahrungen
macht Ihr dabei?