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Exhibitors and sponsors require a lot more than just square meters. In order to impress potential customers, innovative presentation platforms have to be designed.
Aussteller und Sponsoren fordern weit mehr als nur Quadratmeter. Um potenzielle Kunden zu beeindrucken, sind innovative Präsentationsplattformen gefragt.

Content Marketing Workshop für Messe- Kongress- und Eventveranstalter

Workshop: Content Marketing für Konferenzen, Messen, Events

Über den Workshop

Content Marketing wird für Veranstalter von Messen, Konferenzen und B2B Events immer wichtiger, denn es ermöglicht durch die Bereitstellung von

  • informativen
  • nützlichen und
  • unterhaltsamen Inhalten

den Kontakt zu Ihren Zielgruppen – auch außerhalb des engen Veranstaltungszeitraums.

TICKETSAber wie mach ich das konkret? Wie kann ich den Aufwand überschaubar halten und trotzdem Inhalte anbieten, die meine Zielgruppe erreichen? Brauche ich dafür immer eine externe Agentur oder kann ich auch viel intern erledigen? Wie kann ich soziale Netzwerke wie XING effektiv nutzen, um Inhalte zu verbreiten?

Und vor allem: wie stelle ich sicher, dass diese Anstrengungen einen nachhaltigen Effekt auf den Verkauf von Tickets für meine Veranstaltungen haben?

Dieser eintägige Workshop am 24. September 2015 im 25hours Hotel by Levi’s in Frankfurt am Main richtet sich an

  • Marketing-Verantwortliche, Projektleiter und Projektassistenten von Messe-, Kongress- und Event-Veranstaltern
  • Marketing- und Eventmanager von Verbänden
  • Mitarbeiter von Event- und PR-Agenturen.

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So klappt die Messevorbereitung

Messevorbereitung: Checklist für Aussteller

Die richtige Messevorbereitung ist entscheidend dafür, ob sich die Investition in eine Messebeteiligung als Aussteller lohnt oder nicht.

Für den Blog der NEOCOM, der führenden Messe für den interaktiven Handel, haben wir gemeinsam mit dem Messeteam eine Checklist zusammen gestellt, an welche Dinge ein Aussteller denken sollte, wenn sie/er sich auf die Messe vorbereitet.

Diese Punkte sind sicher nicht nur für Aussteller auf der NEOCOM interessant, daher führe ich sie in allgemeiner Form auch hier auf meinem Blog auf.

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Event Technology Upsides and Downsides

Discussing Up- and Downsides of Event Technology

Event technology can improve the ROI of events – but sometimes it is ahead of what event stakeholders like attendees, speakers, organizers are prepared to embrace.

I had taken a look at this issues in my post “My Love-Hate Relationship with Event Technology“, and that was reason enough for John Federico with the EventTech podcast to dig a little deeper in a recent interview.

Please find the podcast here:

How do you guys feel about event technology? Does it take your events to a new level or do you sometimes hate dealing with it?

Look forward to your comments!

Content Marketing for events, conferences and trade shows

Content Marketing for Conferences and Trade Shows

During IMEX 2015 in May, I held a session about the benefits and risks of implementing a content marketing strategy to promote conferences, exhibitions and events.

It seems like the buzzword of the hour. But will it provide you with a silver marketing bullet to invest into storytelling and content marketing?

After my session, I held a chat with Victor Neyndorff about this subject. Please find the videocast here:

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Participants at the SalesPower Masterclass involved in sales conversations

How to Boost Expo and Sponsoring Sales: Masterclass in Singapore

Last week, I had the pleasure to conduct a sales training with 14 very talented event sales managers in Singapore. The workshop was part of the Masterclass Series that Lighthouse Independent Media stages.

Events, trade shows and conferences are different animals to sell. With a wide range of stakeholders (visitors, exhibitors, the organizers, their shareholders, press, bloggers, sponsors, online- vs. offline audiences etc.) and their varying motives, standard sales trainings often fail to meet the requirements of sales staff for events.

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Outstanding Event Invitations by Email

Who said email marketing would be dead soon? Replaced by social media?

Not happening! 

In the marketing mix for events, conferences and exhibitions, email marketing and e-newsletters still play a vital role. Why is that?

  1. The subscribers list is your own property. Provided you have doble-opt-ins, of course. Your newsletter subscribers are individuals that are really interested in what you are doing and in your event. And you can run personalized campaigns!
  2. In email design, you can use your own branding and you are not limited to the restrictions that Facebook, Twitter or whoever imposes on you.
  3. With an industry average open rate of between 15%-25% (which may be higher depending on the quality of our subscriber list), every email blast gets a lot more eyeballs than any social media posting. Same is true for the click-thru-rates.
  4. Email marketing is a call-to-action medium. It can generate immediate responses and leads, so it is a sales tool – very much more so than social channels. Moreover, it allows you to design automated campaigns, based on the behavior of the recipients!
  5. Email marketing perfectly supports your content marketing strategy. In fact, it is an awesome push medium to get your content messages across – while at the same time promoting registrations to your events, your sponsors and your exhibitors.

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Eventex: My Five Takeaways From Sofia

They say, when you attend an event, and you take away at least five things that you learned – or five people that you met who will potentially play a role in your personal or professional life – then it was a good event for you.

Well, according to that yardstick, Eventex in Sofia was a fabulous event!

Not only have I met lots of great people (speakers, tech providers, attendees, all of them Eventprofs). There are at least five takeaways that will definitely influence the way I go about event management, and they will also have an impact on the way I do consulting and training for event organizers .

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