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How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

What does your website have to do with your event success? Let me tell you about a little incident I recently had.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a trade show event as a visitor. Since I planned to travel by train, I wanted to check opening times and directions before booking my ticket. So the first thing I did was Google the trade show because yes, I am the kind of person that would Google the grocery store next door to check if it’s still open.

While a part of me went “Cool, back to the 90s!,” another part of me was shocked and could not believe their eyes when I realized the trade show did not have an event website.

In the end, I found out about opening times etc. through the website of the exhibition venue, but what about all the potential visitors the show (almost certainly) lost by simply not having a good website in place? Continue reading How To Boost Event Success With A Great Website

Extend the life of your exhibition with content marketing

How Exhibition Organizers Can Extend The Life Of Their Events With Content Marketing

Guest blog by Lisa Placa (Ungerboeck Software International)

Lisa Placa Ungerboeck Software about content marketing for exhibitions
Lisa Placa, Content Marketing Strategist, Ungerboeck Software

Social media usage has become very popular among event organizers and many of them go far beyond simple event promotion. Shooting out the right message to the right people on Twitter & Co. requires organizers to sit down and think about the content they want to communicate to their audiences. A good content marketing plan therefore is the foundation for successful and engaging events.

As an event and exhibition organizer who is fully dedicated to delivering fantastic events 24/7, you might ask yourself how to find the time and resources for these additional content marketing efforts. Well, with a few tips and tricks you will be able to succeed in the digital world. Great content is an effective tool to improve your attendees’ event experience – which completely lines up with your main task of delivering fantastic events!

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Buyer Persona for b2b customer journey events

Buyer Personas for B2B Events: 5 Steps to Improve Your Visitor Marketing

Buyer personas can still rarely be found in marketing concepts for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and other B2B events – which is a pity, in my view, and a missed opportunity.

Buyer personas are fictional characters that represent your key customer segments. Ultimately, buyer personas are the litmus test for any content marketing activity:

  • Will the (visitor marketing) bait be attractive for the fish?

When you have well crafted buyer personas, the chances of meeting your target audiences’ expectations with your content are a lot higher. At the same time, buyer personas help you transmit a better image of your event towards business target customers like exhibitors and sponsors.

In e-commerce, creating buyer personas is a common and proven marketing strategy. Buyer personas help you identify the core needs of your target audience and address them in a better way.

Let’s take a look at five steps how to craft, document and implement buyer personas for your B2B event marketing campaigns.

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News Feed FYI: Click-baiting

Important Facebook updates: Bear in mind when creating headlines and sharing links!

Facebook Newsroom

By Khalid El-Arini, Research Scientist and Joyce Tang, Product Specialist

Today we’re announcing some improvements to News Feed to help people find the posts and links from publishers that are most interesting and relevant, and to continue to weed out stories that people frequently tell us are spammy and that they don’t want to see. We’re making two updates, the first to reduce click-baiting headlines, and the second to help people see links shared on Facebook in the best format.

Click-Baiting Headlines

“Click-baiting” is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see. Posts like these tend to get a lot of clicks, which means that these posts get shown to more people, and get shown higher up in News Feed.

News Feed FYI Click-baiting

However, when we asked people in an initial survey…

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Planning a networking event in Frankfurt? Check out as your musical backdrop

And now for something completely different… 😉


Since December last year, I have endeavored to combine my passion for (live) music with my events background. Having played in bands almost my entire life from 16 onwards, I have decided to start a duo with Greek cello artist Konstantinos Kampanis, performing some of the songs and music that I love. Continue reading Planning a networking event in Frankfurt? Check out as your musical backdrop

101 Sponsorship Ideas for Tradeshows and Conferences

Great tips for every trade show and event organizer!

Event View

I have spent the past four years collecting sponsorship ideas from every event I have attended, and some I haven’t.  The results, at this point, are collected in the attached pdf.

Sponsorship Ideas for Events

There are some tried and true sponsorships that I need to fill in–things like lanyards and conference bags.  I have focused my attention more on new trends.

A few observations.

  1. Customization: It pays to know what your exhibitor needs to do, even if you need to help them figure it out.  Awareness? Affirmation?  Engagement?  New prospects, upselling existing customers, or moving existing prospects along the sales cycle?  High price point or low price point.
  2. Exclusive Engagement: Major exhibitors have a wish list of 50 buyers, either by name or by demographics, that they would pay for quality time with.  Organize this for them, at your event.  Private lunch, presentation, whiskey tasting…it will depend on your…

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