Extend the life of your exhibition with content marketing

How Exhibition Organizers Can Extend The Life Of Their Events With Content Marketing

Guest blog by Lisa Placa (Ungerboeck Software International)

Lisa Placa Ungerboeck Software about content marketing for exhibitions
Lisa Placa, Content Marketing Strategist, Ungerboeck Software

Social media usage has become very popular among event organizers and many of them go far beyond simple event promotion. Shooting out the right message to the right people on Twitter & Co. requires organizers to sit down and think about the content they want to communicate to their audiences. A good content marketing plan therefore is the foundation for successful and engaging events.

As an event and exhibition organizer who is fully dedicated to delivering fantastic events 24/7, you might ask yourself how to find the time and resources for these additional content marketing efforts. Well, with a few tips and tricks you will be able to succeed in the digital world. Great content is an effective tool to improve your attendees’ event experience – which completely lines up with your main task of delivering fantastic events!

Masses Of Content Right At Your Fingertips

You’ll love this one: You already have large amounts of content available to you! Thanks to seminars, workshops, campfire sessions and other contributions to the education program of the show, your event generates masses of great, shareable content. If you think about your exhibitors, it’s obvious where the content comes from: They publish product information and press releases through online exhibitor portals, and many of them even upload videos and images.

But the most valuable content comes from your education program: Speakers and presenters often refer to whitepapers or e-books in their sessions, and they show videos or other content pieces in order to illustrate the topics they present.

These resources are extremely valuable and can be used for pre-show marketing, for example. Of course you might not want to give away all of the information in advance, but you can certainly use some of the content to provide insight into the education track and create nice “teaser” videos or previews to show your potential visitors what to expect from your event. Consider writing blog posts about topics that will be covered in the educational seminars, tweet about them and post them for relevant groups on social media.

Make The Content Available To Everyone

Shareable content wants to be shared! Don’t wait too long and make sure the resources are available on your event website right after the sessions. Experience has shown that people are very hungry for knowledge and many visitors expect to receive handouts or papers right away. They are eager to gain new insights and leave the event packed with valuable information. You could encourage speakers to think about printing summaries of their sessions or providing their slides by handing out (branded) flash drives during the sessions (marketing opportunities everywhere!).

As you can see, sharing content creates neat benefits for attendees and presenters. This is exactly what you need to secure returning customers and attendees! Great content adds to the attendees’ perceived quality of the event and will increase their perceived ROI.

By posting resources from your exhibition on social media you will keep your event alive as you continue engaging your audience online. Attendees will remember the event and potentially share content on their social media channels – throughout the whole year, and not simply during the event itself. They will remember the event and the learning experience and are more likely to come back to future exhibitions.

By the same token you can effectively strenghten your brand with sustainable content marketing, support your SEO and create buzz about your event within the digital world. With a good content marketing strategy in place, your event will live 365 days a year and not just 2 or 3 days on the show floor.

Read more about on-going audience engagement in this free e-book: Keeping your event alive 365

About Our Guest:

This blog was written exclusively for the Event Marketing Blog by Lisa Placa, Content Marketing Strategist EMEA at Ungerboeck Software International.



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