Outstanding Event Invitations by Email

Who said email marketing would be dead soon? Replaced by social media?

Not happening! 

In the marketing mix for events, conferences and exhibitions, email marketing and e-newsletters still play a vital role. Why is that?

  1. The subscribers list is your own property. Provided you have doble-opt-ins, of course. Your newsletter subscribers are individuals that are really interested in what you are doing and in your event. And you can run personalized campaigns!
  2. In email design, you can use your own branding and you are not limited to the restrictions that Facebook, Twitter or whoever imposes on you.
  3. With an industry average open rate of between 15%-25% (which may be higher depending on the quality of our subscriber list), every email blast gets a lot more eyeballs than any social media posting. Same is true for the click-thru-rates.
  4. Email marketing is a call-to-action medium. It can generate immediate responses and leads, so it is a sales tool – very much more so than social channels. Moreover, it allows you to design automated campaigns, based on the behavior of the recipients!
  5. Email marketing perfectly supports your content marketing strategy. In fact, it is an awesome push medium to get your content messages across – while at the same time promoting registrations to your events, your sponsors and your exhibitors.

That said, let us take a look at some case studies and what makes them so remarkable, ok? Take the best practices from all of them, put them in a blender and you’ll have your top-notch email invitation! Fasten your seat belts!

This one (almost) has it all! Clearly, the guys from SXSW know what they are doing! What makes it so great? The use of emotional pictures, very short and clear messages, sponsors integration, direct links to videos, “Like”, “Tweet” and “Forward” buttons and most importantly: The HUGE “Register Now” button right at the top!

Sign-up link


I do like the marketing of the Mobile World Congress. This is an email they send out to their list DURING the event, allowing you to follow the action remotely. They use it as a vehicle for advertising and advertorials, too, so I reckon this is a good money maker for 3GSM! It does have a flaw, though: The email is not responsive, meaning it doesn’t adjust to smaller screen sizes of smartphones, which is a bit strange for the Mobile World Congress…

Sign-up link

Mobile World Congress

The CeBIT Newsletter, on the other hand, adjusts nicely to the screen sizes of whatever device you are reading it on. Pictures will be displayed or not, depending on your device. Nice ideas: The newsletter has direct links to polls and you can vote how much you like the newsletter service itself. Interesting feedback for the organizers. The sign-up link on the website is one of the best hidden secrets of CeBIT, though…

Sign-up link


Announcing your speakers drives registrations to your event, doesn’t it? Why don’t you do it like the conference Bits and Pretzels, a start-up event in Munich? Very concise message. The only thing that is missing to my liking is a clear and obvious call-to-action button, directing you to the registration page. And it is not personalized, another downside, but the Bavarian term “Servus” is pretty cool in an English email 😉

Sign-up link

Bits and Pretzels

It’s fabulous how Willie Thomson announces his TechFest event, an event on event technology! Have you seen speaker announcements on floppy disks before? Great wording, to the point, and a clear call-to-action. Best practice! And the sub-title is great, too! It’s just that the subscription link on the website is kind of missing…


Very personal, great branding, great added value for the recipient: The Conference in Malmö creates togetherness through the email! Check out the website, too, because the branding is pretty consistent across the channels, and the newsletter subscription button is … kind of… obvious!

Sign-up link


Want to find out how to write better event email invitations, design emails that perform better and create multi-stage email marketing campaigns for your conferences or exhibitions? Let’s talk then!

Together with your event marketing team, Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting develops a kick-ass email marketing strategy! Never underestimate the impact that email marketing can offer for your bottom line.

What worked best for your event? Add your comment and/or experience below!

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