ICCA Congress propelled on social networks

The ICCA Congress is more like a family gathering than a typical conference. It is great to be part of this event. This year in Antalya, I had the chance to be one of the contributors as a speaker, I’ll write more about this at a later stage.

What I do find fascinating is how social channels are used by the audience to network, exchange ideas and propel the key findings that they consider interesting.

The ICCA social team, headed by Communication Strategist Mathijs Vleeming and supported by consultant Gerrit Heijkoop have designed a great campaign that resonated really well with the audience.  Here’s Mathijs explaining the overall strategy:

One element was the Twitter hashtag #RoadtoAntalya which motivated delegates to share their experiences while on the way to the Congress. Great stuff!

Here’s an interview with Gerrit with some more information about that campaign:

Selfies are still a hype, and therefore ICCA used #SelfICCA, with the coolest Selfie coming from the leaving President Arnaldo Nardone!

After my own session “Content going Viral”,  I found more than 50 @Mentions in my Twitter stream, commenting on the session, plus a lot more reactions without my own Twitter handle. Wow!

It is definitely key to a good engagement level to educate and brief the delegates about the social strategy, so that everyone is on the same page. ICCA provided a clear overview of the social activities and how to make the most of joining in the discussion.

Mathijs runs the statistics service LUMI catch to track the response and the level of engagement that the Congress generates. Pretty interesting stuff, also to determine how people interact, which devices they use, what are the hot topics, who are the most important influencers etc. Click on the image below to access the stats.


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