Google conference app source code now available for free

Yesterday, Google revealed the source code information of the app they provided for their i/O conference 2014 on the Android developers blog. Hundreds of thousand people had downloaded the app.

In the blog post, Bruno Oliveira, Tech Lead of the I/O app project states “If one of the goals of the app is to be useful to conference attendees, the other primary goal is to serve as a practical example of best practices for Android app design and development.”

Google App
Picture taken from the Android Developers blog

Now that is quite an interesting move, because it gives access to a brilliant implementation of what an event app should look like these days – for free. Meaning every Android developer, wherever they are on the planet, can create a kick-ass Android app for your conference, based on the code provided by Google for free.

You don’t have to be a genius to guess what that will probably mean for the price level of event apps. It has been going down drastically, anyway, because the market competition for event apps is fierce.

While in the old days of event apps, 5-digit-numbers for an app development weren’t outrageous, you can get native event apps nowadays for a couple hundred Euros. With the move by Google, at least Android event apps will become even cheaper.

Imagine there’d be a market platform like 99Designs particularly for event app development. Not sure if AppTank would serve that purpose for event organizers, due to its broad spectrum… Maybe that’ll be a nice business idea to set up a market place dedicated to event organizers.

Uuuppss 😉

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