Planning a networking event in Frankfurt? Check out as your musical backdrop

And now for something completely different… ­čśë


Since December last year, I have endeavored to combine my passion for (live) music with my events background. Having played in bands almost my entire life from 16 onwards, I have decided to start a duo with Greek cello artist Konstantinos Kampanis, performing some of the songs and music that I love.

The result is a combination of the classic tone of cello, combined with the percussive rhythms of a classical guitar. We play a repertoire of bossanova and samba classics, along with pop songs from Christina Aguilera, Sting, U2, Coldplay, Queen and more.

Here’s the website: Check it out and let me know what you think! (website’s still in German only, but click on repertoire to find sound samples).

When putting together the concept and the repertoire, I had networking events in mind where you need interesting, special and entertaining background music, while not disturbing your audiences or keeping them from what they are there for at your event, dinner or function.

Look forward to your feedback, and do contact me at if you want to find out more.

2 thoughts on “Planning a networking event in Frankfurt? Check out as your musical backdrop

  1. Phenomenal combination Michael, I’m a big fan of cello + guitar and from what I hear, this is really quite cool! Didn’t know this side of your talents, congrats, i’m impressed!


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