Graphic recording at events: Outstanding artists and examples

At CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, graphic artist Anna Lena Schiller was present for the entire show duration and graphically recorded the event. A very impressive collection of visuals and murals has evolved from this, which allows to relive the events, the presentations, the hot topics and the curiosities that occured on those five days in Hannover/Germany.

Graphic recording and visual facilitation are fantastic tools to add a human touch to any conference or trade show.


  • summarize key findings
  • support sustained learning effects
  • are a great for social sharing
  • are great to give sponsors and exhibitors and added value
  • please the eye and the brain at the same time!

Here are some outstanding artists and events that they graphically recorded:


Have you experimented with graphic recording or visual facilitation at any of your events? How was it? What are best practices?

Please feel free to add other examples and artists in the comments fields, I am sure there are more great visual facilitators out there!

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