Event Model Generation: Strategic planning tool

Planning and designing events is an exciting process. It involves the interests of a lot of stakeholders: visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, the organizers, the press, influencers and many more.

Managing the strategic planning process of conferences, tradeshows and events is not an easy task, because it means juggling a lot of balls. Financial aspects, content aspects, organizational and technical aspects have to be balanced.

A pretty awesome tool for strategic event planning is the concept of Event Model Generation, a common visual language for events that is based on the theories of Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. Those two have developed a visual toolbox to create new business models and to design value propositions. Many event planners and associations realize that they have to tackle these issues in order to stay relevant to their core audiences.

Event Model Generation is a very useful strategy tool to bear all aspects of event design and planning.

Ruud Janssen, Dennis Luijer and Roel Frissen offer training courses as well as online webinars to learn how the Event Model Canvas can improve strategic event planning processes.


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