Organic Facebook reach dipping – what does it mean for event organizers?

There is quite an discussion going on currently in the social media marketing community about the recent changes that Facebook (again) implemented regarding their news feed algorithm. Obviously, FB now admits that if you want your content to surface on your fans’ news feeds, you need to pay for it. What do event, trade show and conference managers make of that?


For event organizers, this means a number of things:

  • Building a Facebook following alone is no guarantee that your content will be seen! That is a depressing message, because a lot of organizers have been working hard to build a community on FB, by raising awareness for their pages online, on site, in promotional material and what have you. Was that time and effort now in vain?
  • You need to invest not only in brains and time, but also classically in ad spendings if you want to use Facebook as a platform to promote your events.
  • Promoting B2B events, is it worth while at all to be active on Facebook? Or would you rather invest time and effort into creating and animating your LinkedIn or XING groups, building your twitter following or any other social platform that allows you to reach your target audience and provide interesting content.
  • For B2C events, the sheer reach of FB is most probably still reason enough to provide a communication platform for your audience around your event brand.

Here are some additional resources around this discussion:

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