How to generate sales leads for events via Twitter: Step-by-step guide

How can you afford not to be active on social media these days?

However, lots of conference and exhibition organizers seem to lack a clear strategic view on what they want to achieve.

Social media and in particular Twitter can bring you exhibitors, conference delegates and event sponsors. It can turn cold contacts into (at least) lukewarm leads.


How that? By tweeting “Come exhibit at the great show X” or “Attend the super conference Y”, and then the sponsors, delegates and exhibitors will come flocking to your show?

Probably not…

Here’s some tips on how to get going. Feel free to add your experiences!

Step 1: Define your target audience. Ok. We’ve heard that a hundred times. But do you really know who to look for when browsing those 554,750,000 registered Twitter users? What are the keywords and hashtags your target audience would be using? Make a list.

Step 2: Analyse your followers. That is assuming you have some already. But after some Twitter activity and follower marketing, you might have a decent number of followers. Now comes the time to take a closer look at them and identify the leads. Let me guess: Only 10-15% of your followers are really interesting leads, right? Anyway… You may want to create a (private or public) list of those that are relevant and that you want to get as customers.

Step 3: Show some Twitter love. Don’t spam them by sending direct messages. I wonder who uses Twitter for direct messaging, anyway. Do you? RT your leads’ tweets. List them in helpful listings. Thank them for following back. #ff them. Make them aware of content that they may find interesting. Establish a warm Twitter base.

Step 4: Once a Twitter contact is established, you can take the next step. Whether that is a call or an email or any other suitable means of communication is up to you. But that is the time when you can take the contact beyond the Twitterversum. Maybe the person tweeting for the company is not the right one, but they can direct you to the relevant decision makers. Ultimately, conversion is the goal!

Twitter Sales Funnel

Sounds like quite some work? Yes it is. But how efficient is your emailing list? What’s the churn rate of unsubscribes every time you do a mail blast? How much does it cost you to send out snail mailings?

Essentially, XING and LinkedIn can be used in a similary way, but the threshold of getting in touch with potential customers is a lot lower with Twitter, in my opinion. It is easier to gather 4-digit numbers of followers on Twitter than it is on the business networks.

How do you use Twitter for lead generation? Or not at all?

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