New “Social Media and Events Report 2013” just launched

Since a couple of years, amiando (a subsidiary of XING, the social business network for German-speaking countries), anually publishes a report about the usage and trends regarding social media cultivation for events.


It is always an interesting read for event marketeers, because it allows benchmarking with other organizers. The report also gives some useful tips on how to improve your social strategy before, during and after an event, providing specific recommendations for each of the most relevant networks.

Here are some of the key findings this year:

  • ¾ of event organisers consider social media a very important marketing instrument
  • The major interest still lies in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Four out of five event organisers are planning to increase their activities in the future.
  • Only 20% make use of monitoring tools.

Especially the last finding is a disturbing one, because how do you know if the time and money spent on social networks is worth while when you don’t monitor?

In our company, our Digital Media Manager provides monthly reports to each project manager, giving insights into

  • Twitter: How did the number of followers develop? Which influencers have mentioned us? What’s the percentage of fake accounts among our followers?
  • Facebook: How did likes and unlikes develop? What were the best performing posts?
  • LinkedIn / XING: How did the number of members in our groups develop? How does the activity index per group develop (number of interactions divided by number of group members)?
  • General: How did our Klout score develop?

Of course, there is a lot more that can be done, but for an organizer like us, it is a question of how to define a routine and minimize the cost of monitoring.

You can download the report from this link.

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