New Video Feature for Instagram

People are used to rich media content these days. And they expect a decent quality. The beauty of Instagram video is that it delivers quite high quality rich media content, without having to book a video team.


When it comes to trade shows, it does not replace the “good old” review video, produced by professionals. However, Vine and Instagram add authenticity to the mix. There is a great shift towards brief rich media content. No one wants to see 3-4 minute videos any more. The hype around Vine and Instagram is fueling that trend. As a planner, we need to take that into account when creating our social content strategy.

Just yesterday, Instagram introduced a new feature for the video part of the app. With the new release, you can import video from your phone’s camera and apply the video filters to it. This is interesting when you use an external professional camera for video capturing, like a DSLR.

One more reason for me to prefer Instagram over Vine – What is your opinion?

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