Matchmaking Services by Deutsche Messe AG

In my new assignment (which kind of keeps me busy, as you can tell from the decreased number of blog posts recently 😉 I work closely with Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover.

Running some of the most important tech events like CeBIT and HANNOVER FAIR, they are quite advanced in offering top-notch digital services to exhibitors and visitors. You may want to check their mobile app technology (example: CeBIT app) to get an idea.

Using the app via wifi network connection on the fairgrounds is free-of-charge, while you have to pay for using the wifi network for other services like email or browsing.

An interesting service is Match-and-Meet. It allows visitors and exhibitors to connect before the show, meet up on site (even if you don’t exhibit at all at the show!) and stay in touch after the show. The online service costs 300 EUR for a year’s subscription (for exhibitors at Hannover events, non-exhibiting suppliers pay 600 EUR).

Here, you’ll find more about how to use the services as a visitor or as an exhibitor.

For an event prof, this is definitely worth taking a look at, because ultimately, we show organizers are all longing to offer platforms to connect supply and demand in an efficient and structured way – and by means of a working business model.

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