Top 5 Ways to get into the Holiday Spirit with your Social Media Marketing Campaign

This is a guest post by Emma-Julie Fox. Emma writes for Pitstop Media, a Vancouver based SEO company. Pitstop Media has been helping businesses across North America successfully increase their search visibility. 

The holiday season is here, and there are many reasons to cheer. It’s a great time, not just for you personally, but also for your business. This is the time when your customers are looking for that perfect gift to buy, and they won’t hesitate to loosen their purse strings either. This is as generous as your customers would ever get, and you need to make the most of this opportunity by garnering maximum sales.


Get closer to your customers and spread the holiday cheer with a unique social marketing campaign for your business too. Here’s how you can customize your social marketing campaign in keeping with the holiday season:

  1. Put up holiday special cover images on your social accounts: Make a theme of it and celebrate the holidays on your social accounts by featuring special cover photos that capture the festive mood. The idea is to get your brand associated with the holiday cheer and festive mood, so that you can increase your brand recall value when it’s time for your target market to go gift shopping!
  2. Get active on Pinterest: What’s better for cheery holiday marketing than a medium focused on pictures. In fact if your target market comprises largely of women, Pinterest is the social platform to head to! According to a study published Mashable, one/fifth women online use Pinterest! Even e-commerce sites cannot afford to ignore Pinterest in the holiday season. According to a bizrateinsights report, Pinterest is used as a shopping inspiration destination, more than facebook! In the holiday season, when people shop more than ever, you can inspire them to buy from you by creating special holiday themed boards and pinning your best wares on them. A great way to make your pins go viral is to use the free social sharing tool—Viral Content Buzz.
  3. Share holiday-related posts: Set the theme and go beyond just images. Share exclusive posts, blogs, tweets, status updates, etc, and link it to the holiday. E-commece sites, for instance, can link their products with gifting and gift ideas related posts,  a Health Club could create posts related to eating healthy to avoid holiday weight, or even tips to shed the holiday weight! Blogging about the holiday season is a great way to get more people on your website too. Do link your brand with the holiday cheer in these special posts, e.g. announce special holiday deals, gift ideas for consumers, etc.
  4. Hold contests and let your fans win gift certificates: Get into the gifting spirit yourself by holding contests and give-aways! Spread the word through your social media platforms and e-mail newsletters. The idea is to build up the excitement and create some excitement on your business pages, so that you can attract more business.
  5. A holiday-themed marketing effort is not only relevant during this time of the year, but can help you with building brand loyalty recall value as well. So, if you haven’t started holiday marketing yet, do it now…you still have time!

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