101 Sponsorship Ideas for Tradeshows and Conferences

Great tips for every trade show and event organizer!

Event View

I have spent the past four years collecting sponsorship ideas from every event I have attended, and some I haven’t.  The results, at this point, are collected in the attached pdf.

Sponsorship Ideas for Events

There are some tried and true sponsorships that I need to fill in–things like lanyards and conference bags.  I have focused my attention more on new trends.

A few observations.

  1. Customization: It pays to know what your exhibitor needs to do, even if you need to help them figure it out.  Awareness? Affirmation?  Engagement?  New prospects, upselling existing customers, or moving existing prospects along the sales cycle?  High price point or low price point.
  2. Exclusive Engagement: Major exhibitors have a wish list of 50 buyers, either by name or by demographics, that they would pay for quality time with.  Organize this for them, at your event.  Private lunch, presentation, whiskey tasting…it will depend on your…

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