Social media doesn’t work for your event? Here’s 5 reasons to think twice…

While at the big industry events like EIBTM or IMEX, social networks and the impact they have on event marketing are widely discussed, I sense that a lot of event organizers and associations are still not sure about how to deal with the topic or how much resources to invest.


And, truly enough, I don’t believe that having a Twitter or Facebook account can guarantee you a full house!

However, you have to ask yourself, what is your ROI – Risk Of Ignoring?

Here’s five questions that one should consider before ignoring the power of social media for your conference or exhibition.

1) “Our classic marketing still performs well… or doesn’t it…?”

Well, when was the last time you were analyzing the performance of your e-newsletter, your website or your print mailings? And how well do you reach your audience via these channels?

In a time when emails get stuck in spam filters, with print mailings being very expensive and corporate websites being abandoned in favor of social networks, the efficiency of how we used to market events on classic marketing channels is going down – slowly but surely…

2) “Our target group is not using socialmedia. Are they…?”

In some markets, social profile creation has begun to plateau, but the time spent on social platforms and the intensity of interaction is still growing.

It may be risky to assume that the top level decision makers that you are targeting don’t use social platforms. A good way to find out is to do a simple Google search for your most important keywords and check the “discussions” and “blogs” fields. A lot of people don’t even know that these searches exist!

Another way to get a feeling if, where and to what extent your audiences are using social networks is Social Mention, where you can also get daily alerts.

3) “There is no need to monitor what is being discussed about our topics or event on social platforms, or is there…?”

Even if you decide to remain passive regarding social networks, it is strongly advisable to keep track of what is discussed. Thus, you can respond to criticism, identify people that are speaking positive about your brand and products and of course those that don’t.

A simple Google or Social Mention alert is a good start. There are more sophisticated tools like Radian6 or Meltwater that obviously do a great job at providing you an overview.

4) “I don’t have the time and resources to do social media. Or have I…?”

I guess this is a question of priorities, really, and therefore a task for the management to determine what is time well spent. Basically, you can start by dedicating a limited time to social media monitoring and take it from there as soon as you can determine to what extent your audience is active.

Social Media Examiner did a research showing that on average, companies in UK and USA invest 5-6 hours per week in social media. It doesn’t have to be a full time job…!

5) “Our intern is taking of that Facebook thing, so I have done my homework, haven’t I?”

As much as good interns, especially the social-media-savvy kind, can be assets in managing your social activities… The strategy and priorities have to come from the management, no doubt. As well as setting targets and the tone-of-voice of your social media work.

You would probably not let an intern give a TV interview, right? A tweet or a a Facebook post can potentially have the same impact!

3 thoughts on “Social media doesn’t work for your event? Here’s 5 reasons to think twice…

  1. Hi Michael,

    My company helps brands and organizations execute social media programs around their events. We often find that people know that Social Media is important but they don’t know what to do and where/how to invest.

    We help these clients develop a strategy for their events around content and conversations. Then, we propose tactics to execute that strategy within their budget. For most of our clients – that simple roadmap is what they need to make the decision to invest in Social Media programs.


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