How to connect exhibitors and visitors at a trade show? A challenge that is forever young

When exhibitions belong to your event portfolio, you are certainly aware of the basic challenge that every expo organizer faces:

What is the best way to bring exhibitors and visitors together? Not only during the show, but before, after, year-round?

Put differently: What can an organizer do to facilitate the exchange between supply and demand?

Visitors spend less time at an exhibition than previously. Efficiency is required, and that applies to the preparation of the visit, during the stay, and in the follow-up period as well.

Nowadays, exhibitions are communication platforms, they are the place where you get an overview of an industry sector in a condensed time. Making direct sales/purchases at the show is not as important as it was in the past.

Of course, often times the exhibitors ask for access to email addresses or contact details from the visitors. While I can understand that from a vendor perspective, it leads to very awkward situations when you are a visitor and get spammed.

Latest example in a long list of failures: The Hosted Buyers at IMEX in Frankfurt received up to 2.500 emails by exhibitors! In addition to all the personal calls. Not good…

There is a new solution from a software company from Israel that I have come across recently. It is an attempt at bringing the information exchange between exhibitors and visitors to a new level: INDUSTRY TRACKER.

Put simply: In the preparation period, visitors can decide which exhibitors are relevant to them and start “tracking” them. Thus, they create their own news-stream of relevant information. It feels a bit like what you know from Facebook or other social media.

During the event, you add companies to your stream by simply scanning a QR-code at the stand. That is particularly interesting when you come across a relevant company but don’t have the time to talk to them on site.

After the event, you automatically have access to information material that the exhibitors post, like brochures, videos etc.

The beauty of this solution for exhibitors is that you don’t need to create special content just for this service. Instead, you simply connect your existing news streams, e.g. from Twitter, Facebook or simply your news section on your website.

Even if you don’t do the Twitter and Facebook thing, you may have either a blog or at least a website where you publish your company’s news.

Definitely worth checking out when you are an exhibition organizer! For more details, you can contact Motti Kleinmann, Vice President of Product Marketing.

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