World Newspaper Week Vienna: iPad and Smartphone App (Review Part 3)

3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app

It was quite a bit of work, and in case anyone would tell you differently – don’t believe them! Designing your (native) event app is something you will have to invest time in. You might even have to adapt your online workflows, to make sure that the content that is on your website will be included in the app in a proper way (e.g. exhibitor catalogue, event listings).

However, after some moving backwards/forwards with our app developer and some telephone conferences we could launch our iPad/iPhone app for the World Newspaper Week ca. 3 weeks prior to IFRA Expo and the World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum – and it is awesome! A couple of days later the Android app followed, plus a web app that anyone with a smartphone could access.

Check out this short video I took that shows you how to navigate through the halls, access event details, exhibitor details, join in the Twitter and Facebook discussions directly from the app.

At the end of the day, almost 2.000 people downloaded the app to their tablet or smartphone. The feedback we got both from exhibitors and visitors was very good, with ca. 95% rating the app as “good” or “excellent” in the visitor survey and 75% of the exhibitors rating good/excellent.

Some feedback that we received, to learn from for next time:

  • People were asking for routing to a specific booth
  • Alerts when certain speakers were due
  • Functionality to book appointments with exhibitors
  • Link to other participants who are using the app (networking)

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  3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app
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