World Newspaper Week Vienna: Twitter Coverage (Review Part 2)

2. Twitter coverage

With more than 8.500 followers, Twitter has become the cornerstone of the WAN-IFRA social media strategy. Those followers are very active, as you can see in the Klout score for @newspaperworld of 54, network influence 46. Already before the event, we used Twitter to create a buzz around the World Newspaper Week. Besides delivering interesting content, the success factor was to monitor closely what was tweeted about our event, thank the tweeps that mentioned us and to respond immediately to questions.

Thus, a dialogue emanated from Twitter that was very helpful in spreading the word about the contents of the event. Our social media manager Hannah Vinter did an excellent job at animating the discussion!

The event hashtags #ifraexpo, #wnc11, #wef11, #tablet11, #pfmd11 were clearly communicated online and on site and were used by a lot of tweeps. We used Twapperkeeper to archive and analyze the tweets. The figures amounted to more than 3.600 tweets just for #wef11, sent by 685 unique tweeps – which is a lot more than just the people that were tweeting from the conference hall.

We made an effort to display the discussion on Twitter also onsite and online and engage the participants to join in. On our website, Twitter monitors were integrated. On site, we placed various monitors to display the tweets about the sessions, they were even put on the large screen.

We produced a short clip that was shown on the big screens during the breaks and before the official opening, to promote the social channels and the World Newspaper Week smartphone app.

Randy Covington, our audience facilitator collected feedback and questions from the audience on site and from Twitter. All in all, you can say that Twitter was the lead medium to direct people to the content from our blog, the presentations, videos, pictures and to the coverage by media and delegates.

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