World Newspaper Week Vienna: What went well from the organizer’s perspective (Part 1)

Puh, what a week…

Six consecutive days filled with meetings, events and lots of work. My excel file listing all events during the World Newspaper Week 2011 was 12 pages long. I am very proud of the WAN-IFRA team that did an amazing job organizing the Vienna events! Worked hard, partied hard, always smiling and helping each other. Great, guys!

Ca. 8.000 visitors attended IFRA Expo, and more than 1.000 delegates from almost 100 countries took part in the 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum.

We managed to raise the profile of our organisation. The events in Vienna contributed a lot to WAN-IFRA’s mission of promoting the freedom of press and quality journalism, along with the task of sustaining and innovating the business models of news media publishers.

As always, not everything went to perfection, but quite a lot did turn out very well. There are some event marketing elements that I would like to describe on my blog, because they proved to be particularly successful.


  1. The Live Eventblog (with Youtube, Flickr and Slideshare integration)
  2. Twitter coverage
  3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app
  4. Exhibitor presentation at the World Newspaper Congress
  5. The delegate survey, implementing Event ROI methodology

It’s just too much for one blog post, that is why I’m going to split in in several entries. Let’s start with the…

1. Live Eventblog

Our team of bloggers covered the whole World Newspaper Week in a Live Eventblog. The team consisted of our own journalists and journalism students. They provided write-ups of each session, enhanced by pictures from our WAN-IFRA Flickr page, short video interviews with the speakers from our Youtube channel and the presentations that were put on our Slideshare page. Our photographer uploaded all pictures on Flickr in dedicated sets that were set up before the event. Immediately after the sessions, pics, videos and presentations were available to feed the live blog and our social media channels.

Particulary Slideshare proved to be very successful. We registered a total of more than 500.000 views (!) on our presentations. A lot of those views came directly from Slideshare, so it gave us a coverage that went way beyond what we could have reached on our website alone. During the event, a lot of our presentations were featured on the Slideshare homepage under Top Pro Content, which pushed the views even further.

To give an example: The presentation of WAN-IFRA CEO Christoph Riess about the World Press Trends 2011 got a total of 41.800 views, with 389 views coming from our live eventblog.

We added a pre-page to all the presentations before uploading, so they all carried the event design and a “Mark your calendar” field to advertise next years’ event. Immense visibility for the next editions!

Bottomline: By combining our own event blog with social media, the coverage got amplified significantly. On our website, we implemented a Social Media Newsroom that displayed all our channels in one place, plus the blog feed and press releases we issued during the week. Evidently, we also fed our Facebook, LinkedIn and XING pages with the content generated at the event.

Here you’ll find more about the important role that Twitter played in the event live coverage.

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