Google+: How relevant is it for Event Organizers?

Okay. After I got a number of invitations, I decided to give Google+ a try and created my account. Most of us have any sort of Google account anyway, for whatever purpose, maybe you even have several ones. However, creating the profile was quickly done, and then I started exploring what’s with these circles.

Now, after just a little while, I started to realize what potential this new platform has. And for us as events marketeers and organizers, there are immediately 2 things that jump to mind:

  • The circles feature is a great way to categorize your followers/friends according to different criteria. Hence, you can share specific content just with a particular circle, and not bothering others with non-relevant content. That … is really a great feature where we’ll soon see the potential. You can create circles for different conferences or trade shows. And getting people in those circles and thus expand your reach is comparable to Twitter. You get a notification when someone added you to any of their circles (although you don’t know which one that would be), and then you can decide if you want to add them in any of your circles.
  • Hangouts: I have already seen implementations of the hangout feature for press conferences, concerts, live educational sessions… There are a lot more things you can think about, like exhibitor briefings, pre-conference chats with your speakers etc. etc. This is really a great feature, and it is built in to the network right from the start.

Apps: Well, as we’ve seen with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there will soon be apps all over, integrating Google+ in whatever it is you’re doing.

So, all in all, I don’t think we should all abandon FB, Twitter and Co. immediately. But I do think Google+ is serious business and we should be active on this platform, because a lot of attention will be given to it in the short and medium term.

Check out this funny vid about Google+, it gives you a good idea should you not have tested Google+ so far.

For current information on how people use Google+, you might want to follow the Twitter hashtag #googleplus.

Oh, and let me know if any of you would like an invitation to Google+! 🙂

Here is a link to a mindmap that displays the major functions of Google+:

5 thoughts on “Google+: How relevant is it for Event Organizers?

  1. Great ideas, Michael! I’m just getting acclimated to Google+ and learning all the potential applications. Good to see that someone from the events industry is realizing its impact on how ideas are shared and attendees interact at events!


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