Event Profs worth following on Twitter

On Twitter, you’ll find plenty of event organizers, destinations, venues and other like-minded fellows that are worth following if you want to connect with other experts in this field. The content they share and produce can be very inspiring, and if you need advice, you’ll find it quite easily on this social network.

Let me give you a list of my all-time-favourite Twitter event professionals who constantly produce useful tweets for you as an organizer:

@MPI, @tradeshowguy, @jeffbullas (great for social media!), @RuudWJanssen, @eventige, @VelChain, @victorixcom, @moreconference, @cvent, @meetings4you, @jeffhurt, @iccaworld

You also might want to save a search for the term #eventprofs on Twitter – that conversation holds a lot in store for event organizers that are looking for innovative ways to produce successful meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Of course, I’d also be pleased if you follow me on Twitter at @michaelheipel.

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