Welche Funktionen gehören in eine gute Event-App?


This is the German version of a guest post I wrote for the Event Manager Blog. Einleitung Smartphones und Tablet-Computern werden immer stärker genutzt. Internet-fähige Handys “erfinden die Beziehung zwischen Unternehmen und ihren Kunden neu”, wie es Rich Miner, Partner … Continue reading

World Newspaper Week Vienna: iPad and Smartphone App (Review Part 3)


3. The World Newspaper Week iPad and Smartphone app It was quite a bit of work, and in case anyone would tell you differently – don’t believe them! Designing your (native) event app is something you will have to invest … Continue reading

8 Indispensable Features for a Kick-Ass Event App

Julius Solaris kindly asked me to write a guest post for his great Event Manager Blog, which I happily did!

Find my post about 8 Indispensable Features for a Kick-Ass Event App here.

Here is the German version of this post / Hier gibt’s eine deutsche Version davon.

If you want to know more about event apps, check out this previous post about vendors and best cases, or these tips on how to promote your conference or trade show app once it is published.