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Exhibitors and sponsors require a lot more than just square meters. In order to impress potential customers, innovative presentation platforms have to be designed.
Aussteller und Sponsoren fordern weit mehr als nur Quadratmeter. Um potenzielle Kunden zu beeindrucken, sind innovative Präsentationsplattformen gefragt.

10 Reasons why I love working in events

In my early days in events and trade show management, someone said to me “Once you’re on that rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off“. And they were right.


Now, some young talent might be thinking about whether their career should take them into B2B events, conferences, trade shows and stuff like that (rather than in wedding planning, accounting or even banking)

Let me give you my 10 points that make me love what I do and motivate me to get up in the morning and welcome every new day in this fascinating business!

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A simple and free tool to create animated stories

Adobe just released Adobe Voice, a new iPad app that’ll allow you to combine pictures, music, graphics and of course your own voice to tell your story.

That is a pretty easy tool to create pre-show videos for your conference or event, meeting the demand for more and more rich media content in your event marketing strategies!

Great – Look forward to seeing the first examples of how conference and trade show marketers are using it! I’ll test it myself over the weekend, I am sure ;-)

Creative marketing for events: Some hot examples

I had the pleasure to be invited as a speaker to Who stole my audience, a conference that took place in London on 24/25 April. Gallus Events staged this conference for meeting planners, aiming to provide a platform where new technologies and creative approaches for conferences, trade shows and events are discussed. Showing ways how to create atmospheres and spaces that support attendees to learn.  Continue reading

Came across creative event promotion and marketing? Let’s share!

My dear blog readers, I have a favor to ask you!

Most of you are in the events industry, staging conferences, events or trade shows. And you are interested in creative ways to market events, engage audiences and promote your projects.

On April 25, I’ll be holding a presentation in London, at Gallus Events’ Who stole my audience?


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Graphic recording at events: Outstanding artists and examples

At CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, graphic artist Anna Lena Schiller was present for the entire show duration and graphically recorded the event. A very impressive collection of visuals and murals has evolved from this, which allows to relive the events, the presentations, the hot topics and the curiosities that occured on those five days in Hannover/Germany.

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Storify – Liveberichterstattung von job and career at CeBIT

Storify ist ein wunderbares Tool, um Tweets, Fotos, Videos, Facebook Posts, Instagrams etc. von einem Event in einer schönen Übersicht anzuordnen und dadurch einen tollen Eindruck von der Veranstaltung zu vermitteln.

Aktuell ist unser spring Messe Team auf der CeBIT in Hannover und organisiert dort den Karrierebereich job and career. Die Live-Story vom Event findet sich unter


Graphic Recording – Eine Methode für mehr Kommunikation und Verständnis auf Veranstaltungen

Ein Gastbeitrag von Marie Jacobi, Illustratorin und Graphic Recorder, über eine spannende Methode, wie Konferenzen, Messen und Events interaktiver und nachhaltiger gestaltet werden können. Vielen Dank, Marie, für den interessanten Input!


Können langweilige Powerpoint-Vorträge und einseitige Workshops bald der Vergangenheit angehören? Ich sage ja; mit Graphic Recording. Und das sage ich jetzt nicht nur, weil ich selbst als Graphic Recorder tätig bin, sondern weil ich von dieser Methode überzeugt bin. Continue reading