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Digital services that enhance customer care, streamline processes, help to save money and be more efficient. And most of them are available “in the cloud”!
Digitale Dienste, die den Kundenservice verbessern, Prozesse beschleunigen und dabei helfen, effizienter zu werden und Geld zu sparen. Und die meisten davon gibt es “in der Cloud”!

ICCA Congress propelled on social networks

The ICCA Congress is more like a family gathering than a typical conference. It is great to be part of this event. This year in Antalya, I had the chance to be one of the contributors as a speaker, I’ll write more about this at a later stage.

What I do find fascinating is how social channels are used by the audience to network, exchange ideas and propel the key findings that they consider interesting.

The ICCA social team, headed by Communication Strategist Mathijs Vleeming and supported by consultant Gerrit Heijkoop have designed a great campaign that resonated really well with the audience.  Here’s Mathijs explaining the overall strategy:

One element was the Twitter hashtag #RoadtoAntalya which motivated delegates to share their experiences while on the way to the Congress. Great stuff!

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New Facebook Advertising Network: Interesting Opportunities for Event Organizers

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook obviously plans to start a new advertising network to challenge Google’s dominant market position.

This new platform will be based on Facebook User IDs rather than on cookies. Advertisers will supposedly be able to place ads on Facebook AND automatically on other websites where users have logged in via their Facebook ID.

That would be a pretty smart move!

More control and reach for your FB  ad campaigns? photo credit: KOBUS 2C via photopin cc
More control and reach for your FB ad campaigns? photo credit: KOBUS 2C via photopin cc

More will obviously be revealed at the upcoming Adversing Week in New York next week.

What are the opportunities for event planners and marketeers, should this come to life?

  1. Depending on your area of activity, Facebook is already a great platform to target specific interest groups and pinpoint geographical audiences. With extended reach, the platform becomes even more interesting.
  2. The big question always was: Does Facebook only work  for B2C or just as well for B2B target groups? With extended reach, an advertiser would also get access to the B2B sites where FB users have signed in with their ID. This value proposition brings B2B target groups into the picture, assuming that a lot of people use FB login to use B2B resources, too.
  3. Tracking your conversions is a lot easier when you base it on specific user IDs rather than on cookies on various platforms. You define your target audience once, and then you see which are the best sites for conversion for those specific audiences.

Trying to reach your audiences on Facebook by organic reach alone is no longer a working strategy. Adding advertising money to the mix is clearly necessary if you want your content to be read, and your registrations to go up. The new developments of the Facebook adversiting proposition are quite promising, depending on how they will be executed and what the options for advertiser will be.


Event App for Zukunft Personal trade show with networking features just launched

Today, we launched the new app for the leading trade show for human resource management, HRM Expo (Zukunft Personal), taking place 14-16 October 2014 in Cologne.

Besides the event schedule (with reminder functions), the exhibitor lists and floor plans, the app has quite some interesting networking features.App_ZukunftPersonal

Users can login with their LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profiles, send each others private messages and contribute to a timeline in Facebook-style. Thus, attendees and exhibitors can get in touch with each other already before the show, share their impressions from the show floor and take part in quick polls inside the app.

Other nice features are that you can use the app also in offline mode, once you have finished the app download. That makes it easy to plan your trip, the exhibitors you want to meet and the sessions you want to attend while on the plane or in other locations with limited connectivity.

As I stated in one of my previous blog posts about current app usage trends, I believe it is necessary to give your target audience a good reason to download your app. Judging by the take-up that happened already on day one of the app launch, it seems we have hit the right tone.

On top of things, we managed to offset the cost by a sponsor already with the first edition.

Click here to download the app in case you want to give it a try (available for iOS and Android). The app is based on the technology by the provider Attendify.

Event- und Messemanager auf Freelance-Basis gesucht. Region Mannheim, Projekt bis Oktober 2014

spring Messe Management sucht kurzfristig Untersützung im Bereich Messeproduktion und Technik für das Projekt Zukunft Personal in Köln

Voraussetzung sind Erfahrungen im Bereich Messebau, Ausstellerservices, Technik. Schwerpunkt ist die Betreuung von technisch-organisatorischen Aussteller-Anfragen und Aussteller-Service. Kenntnisse in CAD Programmen sind von Vorteil. 

Interessenten können mir eine Nachricht schicken an oder sich direkt bei unserer Personalreferentin Canan Kaya melden


IKEA: The power of the bookbook! Print is not dead…

Very nice one from IKEA. Going viral? You bet!

While this is a funny way to look at the benefits of good old paper publications, IKEA have been very early adopters of the latest cross-media technologies, combining print with digital features. Try scanning pages in the catalogue with the specific IKEA app, and then a whole world of rich media features surfaces!

Latest app usage statistics – What do they mean for event apps?

Screenshot at Sep. 09 21-04-51

At first glance, the bare figures that Comscore have revealed last week can be pretty discouraging for event app providers – as well as for organizers implementing an app for their conference, exhibition or event.

The full report can be viewed here, but let me summarize the key findings:

  1. In Germany, two thirds of the 40 million smartphone users haven’t downloaded a single app during the last month! People have become reluctant to add more and more apps to their phones.
  2. Du to the fact that smartphone penetration is still on the rise, the app economy is growing, but at a decreasing rate. Market saturation is coming nearer.
  3. While downloads are decreasing, internet usage via mobile apps is on the rise. In the USA, digital media time spent on mobile apps is already at 52%! People have their favorite apps that they use more and more often.
  4. Overall, digital media time spent on mobile platforms (apps, browser) in the USA is at 60%, desktop down to 40%, with a strong tendency towards further mobile internet growth.
  5. In Germany, the most used apps are Facebook (including WhatsApp and Instagram), Google (incl. maps, search, YouTube), Amazon, Ebay, Weather and a couple of news apps including Kicker (football). That… is pretty much it.

What do we event marketers make of these facts? Here are seven tipps:  Continue reading Latest app usage statistics – What do they mean for event apps?

10 Reasons why I love working in events

In my early days in events and trade show management, someone said to me “Once you’re on that rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off“. And they were right.


Now, some young talent might be thinking about whether their career should take them into B2B events, conferences, trade shows and stuff like that (rather than in wedding planning, accounting or even banking)

Let me give you my 10 points that make me love what I do and motivate me to get up in the morning and welcome every new day in this fascinating business!

Hope you can relate to some of those points. Continue reading 10 Reasons why I love working in events