Came across creative event promotion and marketing? Let’s share!

My dear blog readers, I have a favor to ask you!

Most of you are in the events industry, staging conferences, events or trade shows. And you are interested in creative ways to market events, engage audiences and promote your projects.

On April 25, I’ll be holding a presentation in London, at Gallus Events’ Who stole my audience?



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Storify – Liveberichterstattung von job and career at CeBIT

Storify ist ein wunderbares Tool, um Tweets, Fotos, Videos, Facebook Posts, Instagrams etc. von einem Event in einer schönen Übersicht anzuordnen und dadurch einen tollen Eindruck von der Veranstaltung zu vermitteln.

Aktuell ist unser spring Messe Team auf der CeBIT in Hannover und organisiert dort den Karrierebereich job and career. Die Live-Story vom Event findet sich unter


Mobile Trends affecting the Events Industry

This great infographic has been compiled by the CeBIT Team in the run-up to CeBIT 2014. Favourite quote by Eric Schmidt, Google: “The trend has been that mobile was winning. It’s now won.”

Events, conferences and trade shows lacking decent answers to the requirements of the mobile user will have a tough time, I’d say… Continue reading

Overview: Tools to capture leads at events and trade shows

Trade shows and events are multifaceted marketing instruments. When implemented properly, they can

  • boost company awareness
  • serve multiple PR purposes
  • form an important part in recruitment strategies and
  • allow benchmarking with competitors.

The importance of selling directly at shows has been declining, however, generating sales leads at trade shows ranks highest for most of the exhibiting companies.

Ultimately, it is the crucial success factor for organizers: Your show is sustainably successful when this criterion is fulfulled – facilitating lead generation via techical tools can be one way to achieve that objective! Continue reading

Vertriebs-Interface für Lead Management auf Messen

Viele Aussteller auf Messen machen sich eine Menge Gedanken über Stand-Platzierung, Standbau, wegen mir noch die Give-Aways und natürlich die Grafiken und Druckunterlagen.

Das eigentliche Ziel der Messebeteiligung ist jedoch das Generieren und Erfassen von Sales Leads, die nach der Messe möglichst in Verkäufe umgewandelt werden können.

Ich sehe immer noch viele Aussteller auf Messen, die sich über diesen Punkt viel zu wenig Gedanken machen und darauf hoffen, dass die Leads schon von alleine kommen (und wenn das nicht passiert, natürlich den Veranstalter dafür verantwortlich machen, nicht wahr…?).

Eine interessante Lösung, um die Herausforderung des Lead Managements auf Messen elegant in den Griff zu bekommen, bietet die Firma Insinno aus Heidelberg an. Die iPad App insinno.exhibition bietet mehrere Funktionen, die für Aussteller interessant sind

  • Kundendaten auf der Messe erfassen
  • Verkaufsunterlagen, Produktvideos, PDFs auf einem hübschen Tablet-Interface präsentieren
  • Follow-up Emails automatisch generieren (mit Anhängen und Links zu den gezeigten Videos etc.)
  • Export in das CRM-System für weitere Vertriebsaktivitäten

Dieses Video zeigt, wie das Ganze funktioniert:

FRESH Conference – an amazing event for everyone in meeting industry

The FRESH conference that recently was held in Copenhagen is a fantastic event for everyone involved in meetings, conference planning and trade shows. Although I haven’t been there personally, it was a hybrid event that one could follow in many ways and interact with the participants on site. The event shows how interactive meetings of the future can look and feel like.

Check out this great video capturing the essence of the event. More about the outcome and findings of the event can be found at their website.

FRESH14 INNOVATIONS (1:50) from Meeting Support Institute on Vimeo.

A pretty cool tool for discussions at your event – The throwable mike!


Did you ever look for a smart way to get your conference delegates involved in the q+a session after a presentation? The typical roaming hostesses carrying the stage mikes are not really ideal, and I always felt kind of sorry … Continue reading

Current Growth Rates of Various Social Networks


Just came across this infograpics about the recent growth in social network usage, updated by the Search Engine Journal. Interestingly, Twitter is currently the fastest growing network. While I am a big fan of this network service, particularly when it … Continue reading

New Video Feature for Instagram


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People are used to rich media content these days. And they expect a decent quality. The beauty of Instagram video is that it delivers quite high quality rich media content, without having to book a video team. When it comes … Continue reading