Looking for successful content and social media marketing by CVB

Preparing a presentation for CVBs (Convention Bureaux) and DMCs (Destination Marketing Companies), I am looking for destination marketeers that have succeeded in creating creative and outstanding campaigns on

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blogs

to promote their destination as a MICE location. The focus will be primarily on campaigns targeting decision makers from the B2B and association sectors, not so much on the leisure industries.

Let me know if you came across some interesting campaigns, I am sure there are lots out there! Look forward to your comments!

One of my own favorites is the current campaign of Visit Holland: The Original Cool. It’s not entirely about business travel, but it does whet the appetite of B2B decision makers, too, don’t you agree?

Here’s a sample of their smart, bold and creative campaign: 

Planning a networking event in Frankfurt? Check out as your musical backdrop

And now for something completely different… ;-)


Since December last year, I have endeavored to combine my passion for (live) music with my events background. Having played in bands almost my entire life from 16 onwards, I have decided to start a duo with Greek cello artist Konstantinos Kampanis, performing some of the songs and music that I love. Continue reading

A simple and free tool to create animated stories

Adobe just released Adobe Voice, a new iPad app that’ll allow you to combine pictures, music, graphics and of course your own voice to tell your story.

That is a pretty easy tool to create pre-show videos for your conference or event, meeting the demand for more and more rich media content in your event marketing strategies!

Great – Look forward to seeing the first examples of how conference and trade show marketers are using it! I’ll test it myself over the weekend, I am sure ;-)

Creative marketing for events: Some hot examples

I had the pleasure to be invited as a speaker to Who stole my audience, a conference that took place in London on 24/25 April. Gallus Events staged this conference for meeting planners, aiming to provide a platform where new technologies and creative approaches for conferences, trade shows and events are discussed. Showing ways how to create atmospheres and spaces that support attendees to learn.  Continue reading

Social technologies to improve internal communications

More and more companies start to realize that the philosophy and technologies of social media can improve not only external communication or recruitment. Applied cleverly, social media can take your internal communication, sharing of ideas, collaboration and know-how management to the next level.


Continue reading

Came across creative event promotion and marketing? Let’s share!

My dear blog readers, I have a favor to ask you!

Most of you are in the events industry, staging conferences, events or trade shows. And you are interested in creative ways to market events, engage audiences and promote your projects.

On April 25, I’ll be holding a presentation in London, at Gallus Events’ Who stole my audience?


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